The Largest Cake Show on the East Coast

NCACS 2020 has been canceled due to Coronavirus

NCACS 2020 has been canceled due to Coronavirus

NCACS 2020 has been canceled due to Coronavirus NCACS 2020 has been canceled due to Coronavirus

About the national capital area cake show



This year marks the National Capital Area Cake Shows (NCACS) 10th Anniversary. NCACS brings together artists, hobbyists, and professionals who all share the love of decorating.  As the largest cake show on the East Coasts, NCACS compiles cakes from decorators ages 4-100! World-renowned decorators, industry pros, home hobbyists, and even children compete to be the best in their division. The weekend is a continuum of activity all weekend long. At the NCACS there are classes taught by world-class decorators, FREE exciting demonstrations, cupcake challenges/tasting competitions, vendors, a tasty bake sale,  children’s program, and a huge Bling Party celebrating the National Capital Area Cake Show’s Anniversary! 

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International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES).

The National Capital Area Cake Show is sponsored by the 

Virginia Chapter of The International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES).

ICES is a “not-for-profit” 501(c)(6) association that focuses on 

education and sharing the creative possibilities of sugar.

The show is staffed entirely by volunteers with a common goal of sharing the beauty of sugar art and this educational opportunity with the ICES membership and the public. 

Find out more about the International Cake Exploration Société (ICES).

Classes, Demonstrations, Cakes, Cupcake Social/Challenge, 

Youth Activities and so much More.!!!

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Our Charity

Everyone has been affected by cancer.  Whether you personally have been diagnosed, or someone you love has.  Too many people skip the oh-so-important tests and fail to detect early warning signs.  A fairly simple treatment can so easily become the fight of your life that is oftentimes lost. Please, if not for you, for someone who loves you, get tested. Whether it be prostate cancer or breast cancer, get tested. 

Partial proceeds of this event will benefit The Prevent Cancer Foundation

The key to beating cancer is early detection. Get tested.