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Grand Prize

Sachiko Windbiel

2nd Place

Terry Tuttle

3rd Place

Barb Evans

4th Place

Rene Geissler

5th Place (TIE)

Amanda Ferrell

5th Place (TIE)

Barb Evans

7th Place (Tie)

Nancy Lagomarsino

7th Place (Tie)

Kerri Morris

9th Place

Ruth Raymond

10th Place

Rene Geissler

Divisional Competition

Grand Prize

Kim Simons

Division A: Youth

Mya Recinos

Division B: Teen

Amber Thompson

Division C: Adult Beginner

Melanie Loucks

Division D: Intermediate

Gisela Lucca

Division E: Advanced

Kiayuana Nelson

Division F: Semi-Professional

Carmela Bocchino Fitch

Division G: Professional

Tatiana Kovalenko

Division H: Masters

Kim Simons

Division K: Showpiece

Daniel Corpuz

Division M: Tasting

Nazra Aboosally

Division N: Amoretti

Loreann Grimes

Choice Awards

Decorator’s Choice

Amanda Ferrell

 People’s Choice

Avalon Yarnes

2014 National Capital Area Cake Show Wedding Cake Competition Cupcake Challenge

“From the Garden”

Grand Prize

 Deanna Wood

Triple Grapefruit Cupcake

Fruits and Veggies


Deanna Wood

Tripple Grapefruit Cupcake


Grant Brown

Blackberry and Lemmon Cupcake

Nuts and Berries


Kabria Webb

Blueberry Cupcake with Whipped Lemon Frosting and Macadamia Nuts


Holly Changuris

Raspberry Filling and Honey Buttercream

Flowers, Herbs and Spices


Pamela Blakeney

Mojito Cupcake with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting


Kyle Downes

Dark Chocolate Chipotle and Bacon Cupcake