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Grand Prize

Sugako Yokoyama

2nd Place

Kim Simons

3rd Place

Alison Friedlander

4th Place

Denise Reigie

5th Place

Sandy Sheppard

6th Place

Robert Goshe

7th Place (Tie)

Becky Rink

7th Place (Tie)

Rene Geissler

9th Place

Joseph Cumm

10th Place (Tie)

Anna Weisend

Divisional Competition

Grand Prize

Sugako Yokoyama

Division A: Youth

Cierra Hulet

Division B: Teen

Alison Friedlander

Division C: Adult Beginner

Toby Lee

Division D: Intermediate

Mary Tarbox

Division E: Advanced

Melissa Payne

Division F: Semi-Professional

Jade Eye

Division G: Professional

Sugako Yokoyama

Division H: Masters

Rita Llanso

Division I: Decorated Cookies

Rita Llanso

Division j: Cupcakes

La Tonya Valentine-Harrison

Division K: Showpiece

Sandra Spencer

Division M: Tasting

Monica Pearson

Choice Awards

“The Thrill of Victory”

Mike Elder/Carey Iennacaro

"You did WHAT?"

Kristin Kirkpatrick / Burton Farnsworth / Becky Rink

“The Thrill of Victory” People’s Choice

Mike Elder/Carey Iennacaro

"What's in the Box?"

Ruth Rickey

2012 National Capital Area Cake Show Wedding Cake Competition
Cupcake Challenge Tastes of the Seasons

The 2012 People’s Choice Winners were voted on by the 700 attendees of the cupcake challenge.

1st Place– Pecan Pumpkin Swirl by Nancy Aispuro & Caroline Litt

2nd Place– Cherry Limeade by Michelle Proulx

3rd Place– Lavender with Lime by Elaine Nuzzaco

4th Place– Strawberry Lemonade by Joel Gill

5th Place– Pumpkin Spice by Keisha Stubbs

6th Place (tie)– Strawberry Delight by Candra Callicot

6th Place (tie)– Chocolate Bacon Chipotle by Kyle Downes

6th Place (tie)– Pumpkin Walnut with Spiced Caramel by Whitney Pope

Winter Wonderland

1st Place, Amateur– Peppermint Stick by Sandy Schmuff

1st Place, Professional– Chocolate Bliss Peppermint by Emily Baird and Tamara Wilso

Spring Spectacles

1st Place, Amateur– Pomegranite Margarita by Holly Lambert

1st Place, Professional– Chocolate Covered Coconut Robin’s Egg by Monica Pearson

(Please note that Monica was also a defending 2011 NCACS Cupcake Challenge Champion!)

Sweet Summer

1st Place, Amateur– Rootbeer Float by Deanna Rybak

1st Place, Professional– Peach Cobbler by Lora Gookin

Fabulous Fall Flavors

1st Place, Amateur– Caramel Apple Pie by Deanna Rybak

1st Place, Professional– Pecan Pie by Stacey Boyd